The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board of the ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control would like to thank all of the reviewers for volunteering their expertise and time reviewing manuscripts in 2022. Serving as reviewers for the journal is a critical service necessary to maintain the quality of our publication and to provide the authors with a valuable peer review of their work. Below is a complete list of reviewers for 2022. We would also like to acknowledge two outstanding Reviewers of the Year.

2022 Reviewers of the Year

Kaveh Akbari Hamed — Virginia Tech, USA

Adolfo Delgado — Texas A&M University, USA

The Reviewers of the Year Award is given to reviewers who have made an outstanding contribution to the journal in terms of the quantity, quality, and turnaround time of reviews completed during the past 12 months. The prize includes a Wall Plaque, 50 free downloads from the ASME Digital Collection, and a one year free subscription to the journal.

List of ALDSC Reviewers

  • I. Abu-Mahfouz

  • K. Akbari Hamed

  • P. Berkelman

  • A. Bertino

  • A. Chasalevris

  • K. Chavoshi

  • J. Chen

  • Y. Chen

  • A. Delgado

  • P. Dubey

  • M. Fadali

  • J. González-Rocha

  • R. Gregg

  • P. Guan

  • D. Guo

  • A. Jafari

  • Z. Khan

  • S. Korivand

  • C. Lan

  • Y. Liu

  • B. Moshirian

  • W. Nagel

  • H. Pangborn

  • C. Peterson

  • A. Quintino

  • J. Rhoads

  • B. Samanta

  • J. Steiner

  • C. Tang

  • A. Tonoli

  • C. Torres

  • M. Wahid

  • J. Wang

  • W. Wei

  • J. Whitefoot

  • Z. Wu

  • H. Xiao

  • X. Xu

  • B. Yu

  • D. Zhou