Three-dimensional boundary layer and turbulence measurements of flow inside a rotating helical channel of a turbomachinery rotor are described. The rotor is a four-bladed axial flow inducer operated at large axial pressure gradient. The mean velocity profiles, turbulence intensities and shear stresses, and limiting stream-line angles are measured at various radial and chordwise locations, using rotating triaxial hot-wire and conventional probes. The radial flows in the rotor channel are found to be higher compared to those at zero or small axial pressure gradient. The radial component of turbulence intensity is found to be higher than the streamwise component due to the effect of rotation. Flow near the annulus wall is found to be highly complex due to the interaction of the blade boundary layers and the annulus wall resulting in an appreciable radial inward flow, and a large defect in the mainstream velocity. Increased level of turbulence intensity and shear stresses near the midpassage are also observed near this radial location.

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