This paper describes a study of changes in the vortex formation and the turbulent wake from a circular cylinder with a finite aspect ratio, placed on a ground plane. The experiment was carried out in an N.P.L. blow down type wind-tunnel, with a working section of 500 mm × 500 mm × 2,000 mm, and between the Reynolds number 2.5 × 104 and 4.7 × 104. The surface-pressure distributions on the circular cylinder were measured and the drag coefficient was determined from these measurements. Vortices of two kinds generated in the flow-field around the cylinder were observed. The power spectrum, auto-correlation, space-correlation, velocity defects, and turbulent intensities in the turbulent wake behind a circular cylinder were also measured. It was found that the flow pattern changed rapidly above aspect ratio H/D = 4, with vortex shedding changing from symmetric “arch” type to antisymmetric “Karman” type.

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