9R8. Dynamics of Evolutionary Equations. Applied Math Sciences, Vol 143. - GR Sell (Sch of Math, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455) and Yuncheng You (Dept of Math, Univ of S Florida, Tampa FL 33620-5700). Springer-Verlag, New York. 2002. 670 pp. ISBN 0-387-98347-3. $79.00.

Reviewed by K Anderson (Dept of Mech Eng, Aeronaut Eng, and Mech (JEC4006), RPI, Troy NY 12180-3590).

This book treats the modeling and analysis of linear and nonlinear dynamics systems in a mathematically rigorous manner. Considerable emphasis is given to explaining key concepts such as semiflow and flow, attractors and global attractors. The authors present how the time-varying solutions of the partial differential equations associated with a generally nonlinear dynamics system can be viewed as a trajectory in the phase space of the problem. The equation of motion of this trajectory in this Banach space is the “evolutionary equation” associated with this system. Loosely speaking, this...

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