1R8. Wave Motion. Cambridge Texts in Applied Mechanics. - J Billingham and A King (Univ of Birmingham, UK). Cambridge UP, Cambridge, UK. 2000. 468 pp. Softcover. ISBN 0-521- 63450-4. (Hardcover ISBN 0-521-63257-9 $110). $37.95.

Reviewed by Shi Tsan Wu (Dept of Mech and Aerospace Eng, Univ of Alabama, Sparkman Dr, Huntsville AL 35899).

Wave motions are most common phenomena which we encounter in daily life. For example, when someone signs or plays a musical instrument, the standing waves in their vocal cords and piano strings produce a pressure change as sound waves which is audible. On the other hand, the existence of waves can be seen in the universe in the electromagnetic waves that cover a spectrum from low frequency radio waves, through visible light to x-ray and gamma rays. This text is designed for use by advanced undergraduates in applied mathematics with potential to be used for physics and...

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