Some Virtual Reality applications are based on the use of haptic interfaces for a more intuitive and realistic manipulation of the virtual objects. Typically, the haptic devices have a fixed position in the real space, and their working space is rather limited. As a consequence, there are locations in the virtual space that are out of the working space of the haptic device, and thus cannot be reached by users during the virtual objects manipulation. The paper describes a multimodal navigation modality based on the integrated use of various and low cost interaction devices that can be operated by a user taking into account that one of his hands is engaged for the manipulation of the haptic device. Therefore, we have decided to implement the user interface by using the Nintendo® Wii Remote™ and the BalanceBoard™, which can be operated by the user using the other hand and his feet. The navigation modality has been integrated and tested in a Virtual Reality application for the virtual manual assembly of mechanical components. A preliminary validation of the application has been performed by an expert user with the aim of identifying major usability and performance issues by using the heuristic evaluation method.

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