This paper reports on the realistic color generation and color change due to cyanosis which refers to the blue coloration around the lips’ area. The design requirements for the manikin were identified based on the color measurement and corrections of cyanosis in images of real babies. The classification of the literature study is according to physics working principles based on energy. A reversible color changing mechanism is achievable by stimuli of external energy such as electric, heat, mechanical, light and magnetic energy. Here, the overview of cyanosis coloration is presented to serve as a basis for a new design of a physiologically-inspired color change actuator for cyanosis in a baby manikin. A state-of-the-art review of color change actuators in the desired color ranges, switching time, dimensions and shape, including the safety issues of each actuating working principle, is presented. Employing a simplified version of the Weighted Objectives method, the practical value of the actuator types was evaluated by assigning scores to each actuator’s type, which indicates their criteria. This work highlights the design’s specifications which aim to design a cyanosis color change actuator in the near future. Ultimately, the envisioned system will increase the efficiency of the visual evaluation and assessment of cyanosis coloration in medical training.

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