During braking an automotive, all the kinetic energy is wasted in the form of energy due to braking, energy due to air resistance and energy due to rolling resistance. In the present literature a method has been developed to recover the energy. A fly-wheel mechanism has been used for this purpose. Instead of accelerating the automobile, the recovered energy is used to drive an air compressor used in pneumatic braking systems. The recovery process and the use of the energy has been investigated through simulation using SOLIDWORKS. The system has been applied to some available driving cycles like NEDC, Artemis cycle, FTP-75 cycle, 10–15 mode Japanese driving cycle, WLTC cycle to find out the most suitable driving cycle for the developed system. The corresponding results have been presented and are found quite reasonable. It is found that about 12% of the total energy consumed in a typical vehicle is spent in driving the compressor. So by using the mechanism represented here, this energy can be saved and fuel efficiency can be increased.

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