Vanadium dioxide (VO2) undergoes a thermally induced solid-to-solid phase transition. A VO2-coated silicon cantilever demonstrates large change in its bending curvature across its phase transition. Due to phase transition and thermal expansion effects, the curvature – temperature hysteresis in VO2 actuators comes with a non-monotonic hysteretic behavior, introducing new challenges in its modeling. Motivated by the underlying physics, in this paper we present a novel model that combines a monotonic Preisach hysteresis operator with a linear operator. A constrained least square scheme is proposed to estimate the model parameters. For comparison purposes, we also consider a Preisach operator with a signed weighting function, and a hybrid model consisting of a monotonic Preisach operator for the curvature within the transition and linear operators outside the transition. Experimental results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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