The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry has formed two major international standardization organizations, ISO, and International Electrotechnical Commission. ISO has formed a relatively mature evaluation system for electric vehicle performance indicators and test methods. However, in China, there are still deficiencies in the safety requirements and test evaluation methods in the field of hydrogen fuel vehicle components. The vehicle-mounted high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder is a special equipment in Chinese current special equipment supervision and regulation system An important energy storage component of hydrogen fuel cells, it has a development history of more than 50 years in the world. However, Chinese national standard committee has not yet established a standard for type IV hydrogen storage cylinders, which had been used in Japan, U.S, and E.U. In this paper, the United Nations’ automotive high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder standard ISO 19881:2018 and my Chinese standard GB/T 35544-2017, had been compared and analyzed, especially the specific differences in the manufacturing and inspection. China has been preparing to manufacture the type IV hydrogen cylinder standard nowadays. So it is very important to learn from foreign advanced experience, The purpose of this article is provide relevant instructs for manufacture, inspection and test, to formulate China’s vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage cylinders, and improves the conversion and application of standards.

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