This paper describes steady-state stress on welded branch components using detailed three dimensional elastic creep finite element analyses. In our previous paper [1], it was found that the mismatch effect in creep on steady-state stresses within the weld metal for a various branch junction could be uniquely quantified by the mis-match factor, defined as a function of creep exponent and constant. In actual branch components, the branch junction contains the heat-affected zone (HAZ) when the branch pipe is welded. Thus, additional mismatch factor for HAZ should be presented. This paper deals with not only the mismatch effect for weld metal but also that for HAZ. The creep exponent and constant for the base and weld metal as well as HAZ were systematically varied to analyze under-matching, even-matching and over-matching conditions in creep. In order to investigate the effect of the loading mode, FEA was carried out under internal pressure and in-plane bending to the branch pipe. Two geometries such as large bore branch and medium bore branch were considered. It was found that steady-state creep stresses within HAZ can be quantified as mismatch factor with specific characteristics.

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