In Part 1 study, a time-domain collapse analysis method of ship hull girder was developed and named FE-Smith method. Hull girder was treated as elastoplastic beam model and Smith’s method was used for collapse analysis of cross sections. A concept of average stress-average plastic strain relationship was introduced so that nonlinear collapse behavior of members can be treated as pseudo strain-hardening/softening behavior. Fluid-structure interaction effects were considered. Uniform cross-section beam was assumed as a most fundamental study.

In this Part 2, a container ship is taken as subject model. Not only FE-Smith analysis but also non-linear FE analyses using shell model for collapse parts are performed for comparison purpose. Two types of average stress-average strain curves are considered for FE-Smith analysis, i.e. obtained by Gordo-Soares formulae and by shell FEM. Applicability of FE-Smith method is examined comparing with more precise but time-consuming methods. Some parametric studies are also performed. Wave response will be reported in the next papers.

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