The rapid prototyping (RP) technology has been advanced for various applications such as verification of design, functional test. Recently, researchers have studied various materials to fabricate functional RP parts. In this research, a nano composite deposition system (NCDS), which can fabricate various nano composites using polymer resins with various nano particles, was introduced. The NCDS is a hybrid system in which material removal process by mechanical micro machining and/or the deposition process is combined. To predict the mechanical behavior of nano composite part made by NCDS, it is critical to understand the mechanical properties of the NCDS material. The NCDS process was characterizes by process parameters such as raster orientation, bead width, weight percent, and curing condition. Tensile strengths and compressive strengths of fabricated specimens with various raster orientation were measured, and various sample parts made of nano composites were fabricated using NCDS.

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