In recent years, with globalization in industry, there is a concern about increase of defects caused by using products in unexpected ways. To solve this problem, a method to predict such defects in a product in advance in the design stage has been proposed, in which behavior of a product and physical phenomena caused by a way of usage are represented by Petri net. However, in order to achieve a more accurate prediction, it is necessary to consider topological information about components of a product. In this research, we aim to represent topological information about elements of an electric circuit, and to make it possible to detect failures in cooperation with the method of the previous research. By modeling each element of an electrical circuit by Petri net and connecting them each other, it is possible to build a model that represents topological information about the circuit, and it can be checked whether there is a closed circuit and which element the current flows through. In addition, by reflecting the information about the circuit to the conventional model, more accurate failure detection can be performed. The fundamental effectiveness of the method was shown by case studies using an example circuit.

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