Combining perception feedback control with learning-based open-loop motion generation for the robot’s end-effector control is an attractive solution for many robotic manufacturing tasks. For instance, while performing a peg-in-the-hole or an insertion task when the hole or the recipient part is not visible in the eye-in-the-hand camera, an open-loop learning-based motion primitive method can be used to generate end-effector path. Once the recipient part is in the field of view (FOV), visual servo control can be used to control the motion of the robot. Inspired by such applications, this paper presents a control scheme that switches between Dynamic Movement Primitives (DMPs) and Image-based Visual Servo (IBVS) control combining end-effector control with perception-based feedback control. A simulation result is performed that switches the controller between DMP and IBVS to verify the performance of the proposed control methodology.

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