Aluminum alloys have been widely used for automobile and aircraft parts. In cutting of aluminum alloy, adhesion sometimes occurs to deteriorate surface finish. The study discusses the adhesion characteristics in drilling of aluminum alloy (A7075) with a flat tool at a point angle of 180 degrees.

The adhesion volumes on the rake face of the tool were measured in drillings of blind holes for the cutting speeds and the feed rates. Then, the stress and the temperature distributions were estimated in the cutting simulation. In the simulation, the cutting force is predicted in the chip flow model based on the minimum cutting energy. The cutting temperature is analyzed in Finite volume method using the result in the cutting force prediction. The adhesion volumes are associated with the stress and temperature on the rake face. The adhesion volume becomes large in the temperature ranged from 400 to 500 K. The adhesion volume increases with the stress up to 500 MPa.

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