This paper deals with the effect of the material types (Graphite-Epoxies and Kevlar-Epoxy) on the fundamental frequencies of uniaxial constant-pitch composite conical helical springs with solid circle section and fixed-fixed ends. The transfer matrix method is used for the determination of the fundamental natural frequencies. The rotary inertia, the shear and axial deformation effects are taken into account in the solution. The free vibrational charts for each material presented in this study cover the following vibrational parameters: n (number of active turns) = 5–10, α = (helix pitch angle) = 5° and 25°, R2/R1, (minimum to maximum radii of the cylinder) = 0.1 and 0.9, and Dmax/d (maximum cylinder to wire diameters) = 5 and 15. These charts can be used for the design of uniaxial composite conical springs.

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