In this paper, the authors present a methodology to develop a modular model of a tugger train system using Modelica language. The presented system is composed by a tugger and three passive trolleys. The model allows to estimate the path of the trolleys relative to the path of the tugger vehicle and it can be used to estimate the maximum velocities when in a curve.

A review of common vehicle models from the literature is presented. Some concepts of the Modelica language are introduced in order to support the model of the shown system.

The presented model is a simplified representation of the system for planar motion developed in Modelica language using the Open Modelica OMEdit software2. The vehicle models are modelled by custom classes and linked with the aid of blocks from the Open Modelica standard library. This model was mainly used to understand the behavior of the vehicles during U-turns, estimate the minimum turning radius and maximum velocities during the turn.

The methodology allows a modular approach combining vehicle and multibody modelling.

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