The objective of this paper is to provide optimization of falling film Li/Br solution on a horizontal single tube based on minimization of entropy generation. Flow regime is considered to be laminar, the effect of boiling has been ignored and wall temperature is constant. Velocity, temperature and concentration distributions are numerically determined and dimensionless correlations are obtained for predicting the average heat transfer coefficient and average evaporation factor on the horizontal tube. Thermodynamic imperfection due to passing lithium bromide solution is attributed to non-isothermal heat transfer; fluid flow friction and mass transfer irreversibility. Scale analysis shows that the momentum and mass transfer irreversibilities can be ignored at the expense of heat transfer irreversibility. In the process of optimization, for a specified evaporation heat flux, the entropy generation along with the developed heat and mass transfer dimensionless correlations is minimized and the optimal geometry and the optimum thermal hydraulic parameters are revealed. The investigation cited here indicates the promise of entropy generation minimization as an efficient design and optimized tool.

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