A Multi-Factor-Interaction-Model (MFIM) is briefly described to represent complex point material behavior in a single equation. The model is of product form in order to represent coupled interactions and to be computationally effective. The model describes a continuum or surface in space that represents the complex material behavior in terms of the various factors that affect a specified material behavior. The material specified behavior is inclusive of all material properties, mechanical, thermal, physical and effects thereon, such as temperature, time, cyclic loadings, etc. Sample cases results simulated by using MFIM are compared with test data to illustrate its versatility and its relevance to reality. These results show the MFIM can accurately predict metal matrix composite fatigue data and mechanical properties of a steel alloy. MFIM predicted results for the damage tolerance of a large shell made from structural steel subjected to internal pressure. Helpful guidelines for its effective use are also included.

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