Due to rise in income and living standards in the developing world, there is a substantial growth in the use of home appliances. This growth is responsible for several environmental issues. Hence, there is a growing demand for energy efficient, environment friendly, and sustainable appliances. This study compares the environmental impacts of three home appliances using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Three irons of same power rating but with different prices (low, medium, and high) were selected for this study. First, energy consumption of these irons was measured and then they were disassembled to generate a detailed list of components, materials, and processes used to manufacture them. Next, LCA was conducted using SimaPro to compare the environmental impacts of these irons. Life cycle stages including material extraction, component manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and use were considered in LCA. Both ReCiPe mid-point and end-point environmental impacts were calculated. The results of this study showed that high-price iron was more environment friendly than the low-price iron.

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