For several years, research has been brought to reconstruct a Computer Aided Design (CAD) model from a 3D mesh or point cloud produced by scanning techniques or CAD software. This process, which recreates the geometry of a real part is called Revere Engineering (RE). In the industry, RE enables designers and engineers to virtually simulate, test and validate products before the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is common to use a reconstruction algorithm to rebuild a CAD model of a real object with high quality. This technique solves several problems of exchanging geometric models in engineering, computer vision, computer graphics, 3D animation, medical, mechanic, virtual/ augmented reality, etc. Therefore, CAD model reconstruction promotes the integration of 3D data without recopying or manual transformations and facilitates the visualization and simulation of the deformed model behavior.

The aim of this work is how to rebuild a CAD model starting from a deformed mesh. The complexity of this problem requires to be split into several complementary parts. 3D surface reconstruction is considered as the most difficult step to obtain this geometric model. This paper consists in presenting an original method to reconstruct a CAD model surface (NURBS surface) starting from a triangulation (meshed surface) as a main step of the geometric model reconstruction.

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