In this paper, an innovative piezoelectric energy harvesting unit (PEHU) for the piezoelectric energy harvesting system (PEHS) from highway traffic is introduced. The proposed PEHU contains a non-linear force amplification mechanism, which substantially increases the electricity output of the PEHU in contrast to the conventional designs with direct loading to the piezoelectric stacks. Quasi-static laboratory tests have been performed to validate the design and the mathematical model. In a quasi-static load cycle of 1333N, a preloaded PEHU prototype is able to generate a voltage of 128V and a potential electric energy of 120mJ with a displacement as small as 2.54mm. The energy density that the PEHS can potentially deliver is estimated to be 8.64J/(m.pass.lane) and is the highest reported in the literature. This level of power generation suggests that the PEHU has a great potential for roadway energy harvesting.

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