For simulating renovation of industrial facilities, 3D models are very useful. However, it is time-consuming to create 3D models. The terrestrial laser scanner is effective for easily capturing 3D data of large-scale facilities. So far, many researchers have proposed methods for reconstructing pipe structures in industrial plants using point-clouds. In those methods, planes and cylinders are extracted from point-clouds, but they are not enough for creating various types of equipment. Especially, in manufacturing plants for liquids and gases, rotating surfaces and generalized cylinders are typically used as well as planes and cylinders. In this paper, this paper proposes methods for extracting rotating surfaces and generalized cylinders from noisy and incomplete point-clouds. Since the section shapes of rotating surfaces and generalized cylinders are approximately ellipses, this method detects elliptic section shapes from point-clouds. Then rotating surfaces and generalized cylinders are reconstructed by extracting the center curves and section circles. Then the authors combine this method with general-purpose voxel-based shape reconstruction methods. Since this method is robust to missing points caused by occlusion, the quality of shape reconstruction can be improved even if points are partly missing due to occlusion.

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