This paper introduces a concept to integrate measurements data into feature-based 3D CAD models. The concept focuses on its application in the measurement of bifurcated sheet metal profiles. For that, an interface to read and import this data into the CAD system is developed. Since the measurement data is stored as a point cloud, further data processing (reverse engineering) is necessary to recreate the work piece shape in the CAD system. If the measured work piece model and the CAD model of the design piece are available, an automated comparison of the defined dimension takes place. The result is a notification in the CAD model indicating which dimension deviates from the target values. Use-cases are elaborated for integrating the concept in the product development process. To implement this concept, an experimental setup is built up consisting of a measurement system and 3D CAD system. The COPRA ProfileScan Desktop is used to measure the profile. Siemens NX 11 is the chosen CAD system. Based on this setup, the concept is validated on a manufactured profile.

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