The main goal of this study is to estimate the community-wide economic and environmental impacts of energy efficiency investment on the local manufacturing using data with different granularity. A systematic framework is developed by using multiple scale/layer of data. Result shows that a $14M investment in HVAC upgrade to reduce energy and cost in the economy of the Montgomery County, Ohio can result in a total local economic impact of $22M, stemming from the $14.5M coming from direct impact, $2.8M coming from indirect impact, and $4.7M coming from induced impacts. Job creation over the investment period yields a total of 106 jobs. Analysis provides insight into the most important types of economic effects to the local industries. From an environmental perspective, short term economy-wide carbon dioxide emissions increase because of the increased community-wide economic activities spurred by the production from local manufacturers and installation of energy efficiency measures, however the resulting energy savings provide continuous carbon dioxide reduction for various target savings.

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