An extensive analysis of the validity of Wilde’s Teamology cognitive diversity model was undertaken with 120 teams composed of over 661 participants. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) data was collected using a qualified test over five years from students enrolled in a fourth year capstone design course. Cognitive factor scores using Wilde’s Teamology model were calculated from the MBTI data for eight factors associated with Wilde’s Information Collection and Decision Making dimensions. Wilde’s team formation model was found to nominally contribute 10.2% to the overall prediction of the variance observed in design team outcomes using a linear regression model with a threshold that the cognitive scores must exceed. Wilde’s Teamology factors of Imagination (“prophetic, guided by inner fantasies and visions”), Community (“expressive, tactful builder of group moral”), and Evaluation (“uses personal values to distinguish good/bad”) were found to be statistically associated to design team outcomes.

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