Previous investigations of Colorless Distributed Combustion (CDC) demonstrated significant improvement in combustor’s performance. CDC is characterized by high recirculation of product gases, fast mixing, spontaneous ignition and distributed reaction, leading to avoidance of hotspots and much lower NOx emissions. In this investigation, CDC is sought with focus on tailored mixture preparation before ignition using swirl and achieving distributed combustion for developing near zero emission combustion under gas turbine combustion conditions. Numerical and experimental investigations have been performed on a cylindrical combustor. Different fuel injection and hot gases exit arrangements have been considered. Air was injected tangentially to produce vortical structure in the flow and produce high swirl intensity. Results obtained show ultra low NO emissions (∼3 PPM) at high heat release intensity of 36 MW/m3-atm at an equivalence ratio (Φ) of 0.6. The role of premixed and diffusion combustion is also examined.

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