Creativity is an influential factor to change the world. With the information explosion and changing the social environment, the development of innovation will increasingly require team interaction in the process of problem solving. The present research was to explore about subjective perception on creativity in relation to personal creativity modes, and to analyze team interaction and the process of problem solving from the perspective of personal creativity modes. We provided team activities promoting self-awareness about creativity mode and idea generation for problem solving, and analyzed team member’s self-description on perceived own personal creative characteristics. The results indicated correspondence between perceived personal creativity characteristics and personal creativity mode identified through Personal Creativity Mode Test (PCMT). Also, the analysis of team interaction and problem solving process reflected some patterns according to diverse personal creativity modes. These findings confirm that people can perceive their own creativity in accordance with the results of a test and that PCMT can be useful in selecting and forming design teams and it helps understanding characteristics of individual members in their team activities. Such understanding could provide a guidance to develop training programs to improve design team creativity.

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