It is often said that it might be very important to take Kansei, some kind of human sensuous inspiration, into account of design. And it becomes more and more important especially in the design of products whose functions are saturated and it becomes difficult to gain competitive power only by adding a new function. In those cases, it is difficult to gain competitive power by neither discounting its prices nor making efforts in human engineering sense of ease in handling. In such cases, visual design will be more important, so that visual designers become key of success in the product. However, Kansei design used to be based on questionnaires to the customers, and it is basically based on putting emphasis on the greatest common of them. But, in most of cases visual designers would like to show their feelings into design and lead majority to his or her sense. So that Kansei design database is often useless to them and it is sometimes obstacle for their creativity. In this paper, we will propose the Kansei design system which is based on image processing system and qualifying image by using Fourier transform and make up a new visual design by using those Fourier transform data. As an example, we have used the proposed system in design of doors. We have verified the results by inspiration test and brain test and showed a possibility of the proposed method.

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