An investigation of the natural frequencies and mode shapes associated with sealed conical bores having actuating boundary conditions is presented. Beginning with the one dimensional wave equation for spherically expanding waves, modal characteristics are developed as functions of cone geometry and actuator parameters. This paper presents both analytical and experimental comparisons for the purpose of validating model and development techniques. An investigation of the orthogonality and adjointness of the solution is presented. A discussion of incorporating driving forces in the system model for the purpose of coupling control actuators with internal acoustics is also included. Including these driving forces, a state space model of the system is developed for the purpose of applying modern feedback control. This paper concludes with a study on applying Linear Quadratic Regulator techniques to this system, relating tradeoffs between spatially averaged pressure and control voltages. The results of our simulations indicate that pressure reductions of 30% are attainable with average control voltages of 14.4 volts, given an example geometry.

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