In order to analyze dynamics of space systems, such as cluster satellite systems and the capturing process of damaged satellites, it is necessary to consider such space systems as reconfigurable multibody systems. In this paper, we discuss the numerical computation of the dynamics of the ground experiment system to simulate the capturing and berthing process of a satellite by a dual-manipulator on the flat floor as an example. We have previously discussed the efficient dynamics algorithm for reconfigurable multibody system with topological changes. However, the contact dynamics, which is one of the most difficult issues in our study, remains to be discussed. We introduce two types of the linear complementarity problem (LCP) concerned with contact dynamics. The difference between the two types of LCP is whether impacts can be considered. Dynamic systems with impacts and friction are non-conservation systems; moreover the LCP is not always solvable. Therefore we must check if the solutions of the numerical computation are correct, or how accurate they are. In this paper, we derive the method of numerical computation with guaranteed accuracy of the LCP for contact dynamics.

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