Presented in this paper is a method for application of control signals to piezoelectric material patches that eliminates the need for both distributed electrodes and wire leads. The aim of this method is to provide a design solution for smart structural applications that require a very high spatial resolution over a relatively large area. The need for separate electrodes and leads is eliminated by depositing the control charges directly on the surface of the piezoelectric material using an electron gun. Both positive and negative electric displacements can be applied with an electron gun. This is accomplished by controlling the energy of the incident electron beam so that the secondary electron yield is either greater than or less than one. The spatial resolution of this control method is as small as the spot size of the electron beam, which in a focused beam may be as small as a few microns. One great advantage of this method is that it eliminates the need for discrete electrodes. This allows the control system design of a smart structural system to reside in signal processing rather than hardware.

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