The present investigation aims to develop a general probabilistic approach for the prediction of potential damage configurations of structure under modal oscillations. The multiple-crack distribution of the as-predicted damage configurations were characterized by the associated probability measure in terms of crack patterns, crack locations and crack depths. It is postulated that the structure is damaged at a prevailing modal response and the cracking process is sequential. The first passage probability of critical structural parameter exceeding the characteristic material allowable was evaluated to predict the mean time to failure, crack initiation, and crack propagation. In conjunction with the multiple-crack interactive stress relief effects, the probabilistic distributions of damage configuration were established for some representative modal shapes. The analysis results indicate that the damage configurations are highly affected by the modal shape wherein modal stress peak regions provide the most probable locations for cracking. Multiple-crack configuration is more likely to occur at higher mode of vibration. A single crack pattern is dominant at lower mode of vibration.

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