An expert system is developed for optimal spur gear design. Design automation is accomplished by dividing the design variables into different categories, i.e. geometric design variables and non-geometric design variables. The geometric variables are further divided into terms that are related to the gear mathematical model and terms that are determined according to the designer’s experience. By properly developing the mathematical model, numerical optimisation can be used to seek the best solution for a given set of geometric constraints. The process of determining the non-geometric design variables is automated by using symbolic computation.

This gear design expert system is built according to the AGMA standards and a survey of gear design experts. The recommendations of gear designers and the information provided by AGMA standards are integrated into knowledge bases and data bases. By providing fast information retrieval and design guidelines, this expert system greatly streamlines the spur gear design process and makes it possible for a novice designer to achieve a reliable design in a short period of time.

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