A recent task to design a Rankine-cycle space-power turbine system employing eutectic alloys of alkali metals prompted the present authors to re-examine the NASA design procedure for axial-flow turbines, as outlined by Glassman and Futral (and based on works of Stewart) in 1963. After clarifying the role of the singular case of a single-stage turbine, and organizing the procedure in clear steps, a computer program AXITURB was written. The present paper reports essentially the success of AXITURB in performing parametric studies of NaK and CsK turbines (using 78.4% and 23.1%, respectively, of potassium by weight), after re-generating all the reported NASA designs for turbines employing pure Na, K and Cs. An outline of design steps is also given. AXITURB has been put in public domain. Its heavily commented source code in FORTRAN is available to designers for adaption or modification.

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