This paper presents the description of an ideal tool for analysis and design of complex multibody mechanical systems. It is in the form of a general-purpose computer program, which can be used for simulation of many different systems. The generality of this computer-integrated environment allows a wide range of applications with significant engineering importance. No matter how complicated the mechanical system under consideration is, a numerical multibody model of the system is constructed. The governing mixed differential/algebraic equations of motion are automatically formulated and numerically generated. State-of-the-art numerical techniques and computational methods are employed and developed which produce in the response of the system at discrete time junctures. Postprocessing of the results in the form of graphical images or real-time animations provides an enormous aid in visualizing motion of the system. The analysis package may be merged with an efficient design optimization algorithm. The developed integrated analysis/design system is a valuable tool for researchers, design engineers, and analysts of mechanical systems. This computer-integrated tool provides an important bridge between the classical decision making process by an engineer and the emerging technology of computers.

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