Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) is a new type of compact heat exchangers, it will be widely used for nuclear industry due to its higher heat transfer area density, compact size, and design flexibility. The hydraulic diameter of PCHE tubes ranges from 1mm to 2mm which belongs to mini-channel according to Kandlikar and Grande (2003)’s study.[1] In this paper, two-phase flow boiling heat transfer of water in mini-channel is discussed. The most of previous literatures in this field mainly focused on flow boiling of refrigerants, but the main working fluid in PCHE tubes is water. A composite correlation of flow boiling of water through mini-channel has been developed on basis of a database of water in this paper. Mean absolute error (MAE) method is used to evaluate relative error. Comparing with the experimental data, the MAE of the new correlation is 23.4%.

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