After the Fukushima accident the development and implementation of additional safety features has become more and more important.

In March 2014 AREVA filed a patent for the invention of a mobile heat exchanger module in the outer shape similar to the outer geometry of a fuel assembly called Advanced Cooling Tube (ACT) [1]. Since January 2015 there is a full scale test facility in the German headquarters of AREVA in Erlangen to test the performance of such a mobile heat exchanger. In spring 2015 there were investigations running to implement the ACT into the spent fuel pool of a nuclear power plant in Switzerland. In the meantime, these investigations were finished and a contract has been signed.

This paper gives an overview about the main facts of the Advanced Cooling Tube as a mobile heat exchanger in the shape of a fuel assembly for spent fuel pools, how it can be implemented in any nuclear power station and what the advantages of this product are. Further information about the performance and requirements of this special heat exchanger will be given.

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