The design and R&D for ITER In-Vessel Coils (IVCs) is being deployed. The concerned issue of “Edge Localized Modes” (ELMs) and “Vertical Stabilization” (VS) of the ITER plasma can be addressed by the implemented IVCs. The ELM and VS coils will be installed in the vessel just behind the blanket shield modules to reach the requirement of keeping strong coupling with the plasma. The 59mm Stainless Steel Jacketed Mineral Insulated Conductor (SSMIC) using MgO as the insulation is being designed for the IVCs to resist the special challenges, including the nuclear radiation, high temperature, electromagnetic and thermal fatigue. It is necessary to take the mechanical performances of the SSMIC and the feasibility of fabrication techniques into consideration of the R&D program. The mechanical performances of the SSMIC close to the actual work conditions, including the three point bend modulus, three point bend cyclical performance and the cyclical performance with a U-bend sample of the SSMIC prototypes have been investigated and the results are presented in this paper.

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