A fully-fired combined cycle power plant (FFCCPP) combines a steam thermal power plant with a gas turbine. Hot exhaust gases fed from the gas turbine are used as combustion air for the boiler, thus increasing total plant output and efficiency.

An unusually hot spell in Japan in the summer of 1990 brought about such a rapid surge in power demand for air conditioning so that all electric power companies registered record highs in consumption.

This promoted Chubu Electric Power Co. to decide to add a 154-MW gas turbine to each of its six existing steam thermal power plants (four 700-MW and two 375-MW units), thus repowering their system into an FFCCPP.

Construction work began in 1992. In September, 1994, two 700-MW steam thermal power plants (Chita Thermal Power Plant’s No. 6 unit and Chita Second Thermal Power Plant’s No. 1 unit) were modified into FFCCPPs, which then began operating in a trouble-free manner.

This paper reports the characteristics and test-run results of the above two plants, which have been operating in good condition as the largest-capacity FFCCPPs in the world.

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