Advanced Material Gas-Generator (AMG) R&D Project was initiated in 1993 as a ten year’s program with a joint investment from Japan Key Technology Center and fourteen participating domestic companies.

The program objective is to establish basic key technologies for next generation gas-generator using advanced materials, which should have the features of significantly low fuel consumption with reduced weight and size, and should be environmentally acceptable, toward the realization of future industrial, marine and aerospace gas-turbine.

The R&D themes in this project cover advanced gas-generator conceptual study, advanced material and structures, innovative system and control, and advanced components technologies such as low NOx combustor.

Each R&D theme is underway toward achieving the program goal.

The 1st conceptual drawing of the advanced material gas-generator is completed as the result of the conceptual study.

PMC (Polymer Matrix Composites), MMC (Metal Matrix Composites), CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composites) and TiAl (Titanium-Aluminide) are considered as the candidate material for the advanced material gas-generator.

This paper introduces the outline of this project, and describes the status of conceptual study and each R&D themes.

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