The combined gas turbine and gas turbine power propulsion device (COGAG power propulsion device) is an advanced combined power system, which uses multiple gas turbines as the main engine to drive propellers to propel the ship. COGAG power propulsion device has high power density, excellent stability and maneuverability, it receives more and more attention in the field of ship power at home and abroad. This article takes the COGAG power propulsion device as the research object, uses simulation methods to study its steady-state operating characteristics, and conducts a ship-engine-propeller optimization matching analysis based on economy and maneuverability. The research work carried out in this article is as follows.

Firstly, according to the structural relationship between the various components and the system thermal cycle mode of the COGAG power propulsion device, establish the controller, main engine, gear box, clutch, shafting, propeller, ship and other components and simulation models of the system with the modular modeling idea.

Secondly, divide the gears according to ship speed. For the four working modes of single-gas turbine with load, dual-gas turbine with load, three-gas turbine with load, and four-gas turbine with load, analysis the ship-engine-propeller optimization matching of the COGAG power propulsion device based on economy and maneuverability, and calculate the best shaft speed and propeller pitch ratio in each gear, so as to obtain the steady-state operation characteristics of the COGAG power propulsion device based on the ship-engine-propeller matching, which provides a basis for determining the target parameters of the dynamic process.

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