A miniaturized five-hole fast response pressure probe is presented and the methods for the aerodynamic design and characterization performance are explained in detail. The probe design is aimed for three-dimensional time-resolved measurements in turbomachinery flows, therefore requiring high frequency response and directional sensitivity. It features five encapsulated piezoresistive pressure transducers, recessed inside the probe hemispherical head. Theoretical and numerical analyses are carried out to estimate the dynamic response of the pressure tap line-cavity systems and to investigate unsteady effects that can influence the pressure readings. A prototype is manufactured and submitted to experimental tests that demonstrate performance in line with the theoretical and numerical predictions of the dynamic response: the natural frequency of the central and lateral taps extend to 25 kHz and 200 kHz respectively. An aerodynamic calibration is also performed at different Reynolds and Mach numbers. The probe geometry offers a good angular sensitivity in a ±30° incidence range, while a frequency analysis reveals the presence of pressure oscillations related to vortex shedding at large angles of attack.

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