Influenced by the growing share of Renewable Energies, higher flexibility and increased efficiency of fossil power plants as well as improved cost efficiency in production of turbine components are evident market trends.

Daily cycling in turbine operations leads to advanced requirements for robust design especially of rotating parts. Low pressure (LP) steam turbine end-stage blades with larger exhaust areas are one lever to increase the efficiency of the turbine by reduction of exhaust losses and also to realize cost-efficient single flow exhaust applications. Consequently, blade steels with improved mechanical properties are required.

The results of the development of a new high-strength precipitation-hardening steel for LP end-stage blade application with significantly enhanced material properties are reported. The paper covers the testing strategy applied and information on crucial material parameters like improved low cycle and high cycle fatigue behavior while keeping good stress corrosion cracking resistance and corrosion fatigue properties. Furthermore, first manufacturing experiences and validation results from a full-scale component test rig are presented.

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