The combined high and low cycle fatigue (CCF) test on full scale turbine blade in the laboratory is an important method to evaluate the life. In fact, the low cycle fatigue which is usually caused by the centrifugal force can be confirmed easily. While, the high cycle fatigue which is usually caused by the vibration and aerodynamic force is often hard to determine. So the previous scholar has proposed the contrast method to determine the high cycle load in the field. This method utilizes the new and used blades to determine the high cycle within certain limits. While it can’t be applied effectively in the whole life range with the low cycle-high cycle-ultra high cycle fatigue theory raised. So this paper put forward the modified contrast method to realize the optimization. Firstly, the CCF tests are carried out on the turbine blade systematically. Then, the CCF damage properties, including the crack propagation, the fracture morphology and the dynamic characteristic are analyzed. Lastly, the new modified contrast method is proposed with the new coordinate axes, new fitting criterions and amend method. Through comparisons we conclude that: the new method is slightly complicated, but the evaluate precision has significantly increased. So it could be used to deal with data for CCF tests on full scale turbine blade in the future.

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