To carry out combined low and high cycle fatigue (CCF) test on turbine blades in a bench environment, it is imperative to simulate the vibration loads of turbine blades in the field. Due to the low vibration stress of turbine blades in the working state, the test time will be very long if the test vibration stress is equal to the real vibration stress in working state. Therefore, an accelerated test will be used when the test life reach the target value (typically 107). During the accelerated test, each blade is tested at two or more times than the real vibration stress. That means some specimens are tested under two vibration stress levels. In this case, a reasonable data processing method becomes very important. For this reason, a data processing method for the CCF accelerated test is proposed in this paper. These test data are iterated on the basis of S-N curve. Finally, ten real turbine blades are tested in a bench environment, one of them is tested under two vibration stress levels. The test data is processed using the method proposed above to obtain the unaccelerated life data.

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