The scope of this work is to perform a single-objective optimization of the high-lift and aft-loaded T2 low pressure turbine blade profile previously designed at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI). At correct engine Mach and Reynolds numbers and for a uniform inflow at low turbulence level, a laminar separation bubble occurs in the decelerating part of the suction side.

The main goal of the optimization is to obtain a high-lift and aft-loaded blade characterized by lower aerodynamic losses with respect to the original profile.

The optimization uses a metamodel-assisted Differential Evolution algorithm, with an Ordinary Kriging metamodel performing the low-fidelity evaluations and Numeca FINE/Turbo for the high-fidelity ones.

The numerical results relative to the optimized profile are compared with those obtained for the baseline profile, in order to highlight the improvements on the blade aerodynamic performance coming from the optimization process.

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