The aim of the present paper is to analyze and discuss in detail the effects of the upstream incoming wakes on both the aerodynamic loading and the evolution of the laminar separation bubble developing along the suction side of the high-lift T106-C low pressure turbine blade at engine similar Reynolds and Mach numbers, but at a low free stream turbulence level. The investigation is carried out numerically by means of steady and unsteady RANS simulations for two different Reynolds numbers (100,000 and 140,000), employing the SST turbulence model coupled to the γRe~θt transition model. The numerical results are compared with the experimental data provided by the von Karman Institute in terms of variation of losses and blade loading between steady and unsteady inflow conditions. In general, the incoming wakes have a crucial effect both on the reduction of the separation bubble and on the modification of the blade loading. This is analyzed in detail, in order to separate these contributions.

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